The Amazing Race Canada
360° VR Production

The Challenge

To amplify the adventures of The Amazing Race Canada and to bring audiences right into the adrenaline-pumping action, CTV engaged Tyger Shark to help them become the first Canadian reality television show to be filmed in virtual reality for Season 5 of their popular series. Well seasoned in 360 video capture, the real challenge for our team was physical - like the contestants, we would need to travel all over the world to capture content and create experiences in the most intense filming scenarios that exist - everything from being suspended from a high-rise to traveling over a raging waterfall.

Our Approach

Plan, plan, plan! The first step included developing a plan for each race scenario to capture live 360° videos in an efficient way for later production, knowing that each capture location would be unique with its own set of technology challenges. With the tight schedule, down to the second flexibility for filming was essential to ensuring this engaging marketing campaign went off without a hitch. From the outset, integrated marketing strategies for a virtual reality launch were also developed to ensure social media, web properties and other digital mediums all worked together to increase engagement through 360° video content. We wanted to get the show in front of fans on every VR platform available while timing it perfectly with the release of each show.

Our Solution

With plan in hand, our creative team worked tirelessly to skillfully capture 13 episodes, ready for broadcasting every week of the season, always getting the most unique angles and perspectives, really allowing the virtual first-person experience to come through.

The Results

After 24 flights in 30 days, the capture was completed and ready for a marathon of 360 immersive editing. Working with CTV producers, we had 13 HD 360° episodes ready to air within 4 weeks. On September 12, 2017, Season 5 of the Amazing Race Canada VR kicked off on OculusVR, Samsung Gear, YouTube 360 and Facebook360. The experience was launched Nationally by host Jon Montgomery and promoted heavily in-show, resulting in 20,000 hours of VR watched across all platforms.

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