BDO Debt Solutions Canada
Multi-Website Overhaul

The Challenge

BDO Debt Solutions Canada came to Tyger Shark looking for a way to position themselves as the leader in entrepreneurial financial advisory services in each of their local markets across Canada. The challenge was to strategically address the issues of duplicate content and conflicting digital experiences caused by local branches creating and managing their own websites.

With over 100 locations throughout Canada, implementing best SEO practices for those 100 related websites needed to be addressed from the beginning.


Our Approach

An intensive audit of all existing BDO Debt Solutions websites, content, and competitor sites was combined with a detailed review of the current site’s analytics and user experiences. With these insights, we developed a strategy to allow the financial powerhouse to streamline their user experience both nationally and locally, starting with the corporate website.

Our Solution

With the plan in place, we upgraded all 100 branch sites to follow a similar structure, look and feel, while also giving local branch managers autonomy to add a personal touch. Corporate would be able to seed consistent visuals and mandatory communications with local content still catering to news and events specifically affecting the local community.

The Results

In addition to increasing search visibility across all BDO Debt Solution properties, we ensured that the digital experience was strengthened and consistent throughout their extensive online presence, while still making visitors to local sites feel welcomed and appreciated.

Majid Jordan

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