Pratt Homes
Immersive VR Experience

The Challenge

With the Fall launch of their newest development, Bear Creek Ridge, Pratt Homes wanted to try something new: build an industry-leading technology experience at their sales office. The goal was to help prospective home buyers get closer to their dreams more comfortably and faster through a virtual reality home viewing experience.

This would be the first self-guided VR home tour in Canada. With a tight timeline, a tactical effort and nimble approach approach to this project ensured we could make a lasting impact on the new home buying experience.

Our Approach

Buying a home from a floorplan or rendering can be difficult - the buyer never truly gets a real vision of the space they are about to purchase. The Barrie real estate market has also been at its most aggressive, with prospective homeowners eager to buy quickly before inventory runs out, well before ground is broken for model homes. This pairing of pressures can be stressful for many who aren’t sure if their risk will be rewarded. By creating hyper-realistic, full-scale models of each model in virtual reality, we could break down the barrier of imagination and allow the buyer to really make themselves “at home” and feel confident in their decision.

Our Solution

In order to make people truly be able to picture and feel what it would be like to live in the spaces, absolute realism was the primary goal. We worked with the Pratt Homes Design Team to curate the vision for each home based on their customer profiles, just like it would be done for a model home. We then went to work creating VR home tour living environments that would make anyone envious. Every detail was crucial, from the colours of the walls to the textures of the carpets, piles of magazines on coffee tables to the glow of the sun coming in from the window – everything needed to be perfect.

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The Results

Following the intensive build process that included full-scale modelling, texturing, lighting and furnishing of five homes in only 45 days, the Bear Creek Ridge sales office launched featuring its crown jewel - a fully realistic VR experience of every inch of every home. Receiving National television exposure as an innovative news story, and boasting a first-to-market experience among their competitors, the Pratt Homes virtual reality experience helped them sell out their first phase of development in one month.

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